UPSC: Optionals

Last Updated : 08-06-2023
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Optionals: Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Telugu Literature, Political Science & International Relations, Public Admin.

Course Duration Fees (Excluding GST)
Geography 350 Hours ₹45,000
Sociology 300 Hours ₹50,000
Anthropology 350 Hours ₹50,000
Telugu Literature 350 Hours ₹48,000
Political Science & International Relations 300 Hours ₹52,000
Public Admin 300 Hours ₹52,000


Each Optional subject course provides an in-depth study of the subject as per the UPSC syllabus. These courses aim to broaden the candidate’s perspective in a particular subject, with a focus on understanding, analysis, and answer-writing skills.


  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the chosen subject as per UPSC syllabus.
  • Develop analytical skills and the ability to write comprehensive answers.
  • Learn how to link concepts from optional subjects with General Studies.
  • Improve time management skills for answering optional papers.



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